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5. StartUp Demo Night

Einladung an alle StartUp-Teams aus dem Münchener Raum zur Teilnahme an der 5. Münchener StartUp Demo Nigjht in der Tonhalle am Ostbahnhof.

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5 Euro StartUp Wettbewerb 2015

Praxis-Wettbewerb "5 Euro StartUp" für Studierende beginnt am 22. April Eigene Ideen verwirklichen – mit viel Unterstützung und in kürzester Zeit!

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5. StartUp Demo Night

liebe Gründer/Innen, Startups aus München und Südbayern sind herzlich eingeladen, sich für die nächste Münchener Startup Demo Night zu bewerben! Wir würden uns über Interessenten und Aussteller aus Ihrem/Eurem Netzwerk freuen. Gerne können Sie/könnt Ihr unsere Einladung nutzen!ünchener-startup-demo-night-jetzt-als-startup-aussteller-bewerben!.html

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Ph.D. Program

CeTIM Academy is a proud member of the European graduate research school NiTiM on Networks Information Technology and Innovation Management.

The NITIM Ph.D. program.
NITIM is designed as a fast track career development process to prepare young researchers for positions in academia, industry and public organizations. Faculty members and industrial professionals from a European network of universities, corporations and public organizations offer intensive individual coaching. Candidates are encouraged to mobility phases, to collect interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives on their topic. 

The NITIM Ph.D. process is structured: by bi-annual European NITIM seminars, by monthly regional NITIM learning circles, by intensive team coaching, and by encompassing skill development offerings. 

The European NITIM seminar.
Candidates and faculty are invited to take part in these 3-day events. Ph.D. candidates apply by submitting a progress report on their research. These are assessed by faculty members via written reviews, which are fed back to the Ph.D. candidates prior to the meeting.

Key issues include:
  • theoretical frameworks, research gaps and questions, methodologies, theoretical and managerial implications
  • Students reflect upon the feedback and are provided with an additional session to discuss new thoughts and directions for their research.
  • key qualifications for career development

For informations on the NiTiM Ph.D. program please visit NiTiM
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