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5. StartUp Demo Night

Einladung an alle StartUp-Teams aus dem Münchener Raum zur Teilnahme an der 5. Münchener StartUp Demo Nigjht in der Tonhalle am Ostbahnhof.

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5 Euro StartUp Wettbewerb 2015

Praxis-Wettbewerb "5 Euro StartUp" für Studierende beginnt am 22. April Eigene Ideen verwirklichen – mit viel Unterstützung und in kürzester Zeit!

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5. StartUp Demo Night

liebe Gründer/Innen, Startups aus München und Südbayern sind herzlich eingeladen, sich für die nächste Münchener Startup Demo Night zu bewerben! Wir würden uns über Interessenten und Aussteller aus Ihrem/Eurem Netzwerk freuen. Gerne können Sie/könnt Ihr unsere Einladung nutzen!ünchener-startup-demo-night-jetzt-als-startup-aussteller-bewerben!.html

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Innovation Management

Innovation Management is the management of innovation processes, referring both to production and organizational innovation. CeTIM reviews and partakes in these processes through education, research and both EU and IND project coordinations and cooperations.

The CeTIM competence center Innovation Management is striving for a better organization and understanding of innovation from the viewpoint of the ‘Technopreneur’. It is searching for organizational routines in entrepreneurship innovation, focusing on the patterns of successful growth, the structuring and restructuring possibilities of a company and its management systems during the innovation phase and the influence of clusters and networks on innovation process.
CeTIM cooperates with MBPW, Evobis and AZO – Anwendungszentrum, the DLR incubator. Two new European projects are CASTLE and ProAct. CASTLE is targeting the understanding of innovation routines and the role of clusters in the generation of a European Galileo Industry. ProAct compares regional political routines and their impact on innovation.

Current projects include:

  • MobiS: The main goal of MobiS is to create a new concept and solution of a federated, customized and intelligent mobility platform by applying novel Future Internet technologies and Artificial Intelligence methods to monitor, model and manage the urban mobility complex network of people, objects, natural, social and business environment in real-time.
  • NITIMesr: Stichting CeTIM is coordinating the NiTiM graduate school, sporting four international divisions with overall about 100 PhD candidates all over the globe
  • Living Lab Des Haag Design: The Living Lab supports the innovation lifecycle from definition and conduct of emerging solutions and projects up to the commercialization of their results.
  • LOGINN LOGistic INNovation uptake
  • GESS Global Entrepreneurship Summer School: The vision of the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School is based on the claim „Billion Dollar Projects to Foster Societal Change“. GESS want to encourage and connect outstanding students from all over the world to challenge society’s problems by entrepreneurial means.
Current cooperations include:

  • Cooperation with SBB – Science based business to increase program quality of entrepreneurship and innovation education. Development of joint grant proposals.
  • Cooperation with Campus Den Haag on creating the innovation lab / Living Lab and developing an innovation activity and research agenda. Development of joint grant proposals.
  • Cooperation with the innovation and entrepreneurship centers, e.g. Delft Center for Entrepreneurship, Campus Den Haag Living Lab. Joint preparation of the IEEE – ITMC International Technology Management Conference:
  • Cooperation with / participation in the European graduate school for Technology and Innovation Management:
  • Cooperations and relations outside the University with national and international researchers and research groups: IEEE-ITMC Benelux chapter and IAMOT, executive council membership in the International Association of Management of Technology, Organizer of their European Conference: ICE Conference, and 4Entrepreneurship Munich, the think tank on entrepreneurship of the four Munich universities:
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